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    • Asset:

      Financial resources expected and controlled by a company represented by cash, rights, goods or services.

    • Afores and Siefores (Retirement Funds Managements and Investment Companies Specializing in Retirement Funds):

      These are exclusively, regularly and professionally engaged in administering individual accounts and in channeling resources from subaccounts comprised thereby, in term of laws, as well as in administering investment companies. They must carry out actions required to obtain profitability and security for investment companies. They attend to workers’ needs.

    • At par:

      Indicates when an instrument is sold at the same price as its nominal value.

    • American Depositary Receipt (ADR):

      Negotiable certificates representing a certain number of shares of a non-US company that are in the custody of a US banking institution and are used to facilitate the transactions of these shares on US markets.

    • Amortization:

      Gradual loss of a debt through several payments that are sufficient to pay the current interest and to settle the principal (original contracted debt).

    • Analyst:

      Person responsible for studying the stock market, who must identify and assess scenarios that enable him to establish trends and forecasts for investing.

    • Arbitrage:

      This is the process of simultaneously buying and selling the same asset on different exchanges.

    • Asigna:

      This is a trust whose goal is to pay and settle futures, and that acts as a counterparty in each transaction executed on the Mexican Derivatives Market.

    • At-the-money:

      This term is used when the exercise price of an option is identical to the spot price of the share.

    • Adjustable Federal Government Bonds (AjustaBonos):

      Denominated in Mexican legal currency, these are nominative negotiable instruments, in which the direct and unconditional obligation of the federal government is consigned to pay a quarterly interest rate plus the inflation adjusted capital at maturity of the instrument.

    • Access Code:

      This is an alphanumeric code that is the link to its contract(s).

    • Administration Commission:

      Charge made by brokerage firms for providing the financial asset administration service.

    • Annual Report:

      Report presented by directors to a corporation’s shareholders.

    • Accrued Interest:

      Amount of the accrual of the coupon rate from the start of the accrued period of a bond.

    • Accrued Interest:

      Amount of interest corresponding to a period of time already elapsed and still uncollected or unpaid.

    • Accredited Investors:

      Person who maintains an average during the last year of securities investments of an amount equal to or greater than 1,500,000 investment units, or has obtained income of over A %00,000 UDIs.

    • Average Weighted Price:

      This is the average by volume of the prices of each transaction performed during a defined period. Considered as the closing price in place of the last price made.

    • Auction:

      Public sale to the best bidder.

    • Agents:

      Individuals working at brokerage firms authorized by the National Banking and Securities Commission to perform financial transactions with investors.